Our facial aesthetics options are designed to help you look, and feel your best. 

Whether you'd like help to treat forehead wrinkles, an angry frown , or smile lines that have the opposite effect on your demeanour.....we have solutions which may help. 

Clare and Katie are fully trained in the assessment of facial ageing and the modern options available to help.

We offer a range of products for the treatment of lines, wrinkles and volume loss. Our aim is ultimately to slow down the natural process of ageing, and replace lost tissue volume, (which we may have taken for granted in our youth!)

Common areas can be targeted to rejuvenate your overall appearance, and we undertake individual consultations, to discuss the products available, and make sure we improve the areas you may be feeling self conscious about. 

If you look in the mirror and would like to see fewer worry lines, frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet (laughter lines)or sagging, we can discuss an individual treatment plan.

Many patients also elect to have volume restored around the mouth, and we pay strict attention to the delicate anatomy of these areas. 

We are also proud to welcome on board, Dr Ken Ferguson, who can offer tear trough, cheek and jaw line treatments. Subtle reshaping can improve facial contouring, and leave you feeling refreshed and youthful.


Call us to discuss facial aesthetics without the need for surgical intervention. The secret to natural improvement is that no one will know why you look so good! We can also give a first hand account of these treatments, as our dentists do not plan to 'grow old gracefully!'

By choosing to undertake facial aesthetics with a dental or medical professional, you know you are in safe hands. This offers many patients comfort ,in the full knowledge that our understanding of  facial anatomy and the muscles of facial expression is assured. Additionally, we have undertaken medical professional training in the safe use of hyaluronic acid fillers and anti wrinkle agents.

We use only professional products, from the market leaders in facial aesthetics, such as Allergan.


We use the Juvederm range of filler products including Juvederm 2,3 smile and voluma, and Teosyal for delicate tear tough areas.  

Clare, Katie and Dr Ferguson are happy to discuss these products and answer any queries you may have.