Filling Replacement

Traditionally, posterior (back) teeth have been restored with metal based restorations, such as silver (amalgam) fillings, or metal based lab-constructed crowns. Under NHS regulations, any tooth 'posterior to' (or 'further back than') a canine, is recommended to be filled in metal alloy.  Whilst undeniably durable, these materials have recently been rivalled by more aesthetic treatment options, including metal free (composite or resin) restorations, or metal-free ceramic crowns.  These treatments form part of the private feescale, and we believe that all patients should have the option to choose which material is used. Please feel free to discuss any of our treatments with your dentist.
Previously, composite (white) fillings were believed to be more liable to wear and tear, and require earlier replacement than metal fillings. However, with remarkable advances in bond strength and bonding techniques, this is no longer found to be  the case, with composite restorations now proving to afford equal strength and resilience, in addition to superior aesthetics!