Anxious about treatment?

We have the answer - dental sedation!

"Why dream of having a beautiful smile...when you can dream whilst getting one!!"

When it comes to dental fear, or even a more pronounced 'phobia' it is important to remember you are not the only patient we see who may be affected by this! Dental phobia is very common, and can be linked to a variety of aspects surrounding dental treatment. Some of the most common fears associated include;


  •     previous bad experience

  •     fear of the unknown

  •     needle phobia

  •     fear of choking

  •     pronounced gag reflex

  •     noise / sensation of drilling

  •     feeling of loss of control

  •     lack of understanding of a procedure

At Springburn dental practice, we are well versed in the treatment of dental anxiety. We see over 150 patients a week, and many  more patients than you may think are anxious about a visit to the dentist! Having anxiety in relation to dental treatment is nothing to be embarassed about, and while 9 times out of 10 we can spot it for ourselves.


It helps us, to help you if you tell us straightaway! Sometimes, a discussion with your dentist, and explanation of the treatment you require, can be all that is necessary to allay your fears. Other times, where a fear is more pronounced, we have relaxation techniques which you can try, but for fears which seem difficult to overcome... the use of intravenous sedation may be required.


Sedation is a very safe and effective technique, which can help you gain control of your fear, and manage it. It allows us to carry out your treatment to the highest possible standard, when you are thoroughly relaxed! It has proven very popular with our patients, with an average of 5-8 cases carried out every week! You may be surprised to learn that many patients initially treated with sedation then go on to have subsequent appointments without the need for any!

If your fear is of needles, always remember that we can apply topical (gel) anaesthetic to the gum, prior to an injection, to ensure the process is as comfortable as possible. Under sedation however, you are unlikely to even be aware of your mouth being numbed!

More information can be found in our FAQ section, and any patient attending for sedation consultation will receive thorough written and verbal information.

Don't let dental phobia stop you from achieving the smile you wish.....we can help.