Tooth Replacement

With many advances in tooth replacement, missing teeth are no longer the end of the road. Whether you wish to consider denture(s), bridgework or implants, our team are happy to discuss which option may be most suitable, and explain the steps involved in regaining your smile. 

As always, we offer a range of NHS and private treatments including the following:

  • Full or Partial acrylic dentures

  • Full or Partial Chrome dentures

  • High impact acrylic dentures with contour/ stippling, all-porcelain teeth and/or clear palate

  • Flexi-dentures

  • Customised gold inserts

  • Minimal preparation bridgework

  • Metal -bonded-to-porcelain bridgework

  • All-porcelain bridgework

  • Implant consultation and referral / restoration

  • Orthodontic referral