Cosmetic Tooth Alignment

We are delighted to introduce cosmetic tooth alignment to the range of options we offer at Springburn Dental Practice.

Sometimes modifying tooth/teeth position is critical to achieving the best cosmetic result. This can reduce the need for us to 'cut' into tooth tissue, and often combined with whitening and 'composite bonding' , is the safest way to achieve your desired smile. 

Many adults are now choosing to undertake simple, almost 'invisible' tooth straightening.

We can discuss the systems available, the likely timeframe of treatment, and the cost involved at a 'CFAST' consultation appointment. Please request when booking, and we will set plenty of time aside!

We can also show you some examples of cases treated and 'before and after' photographs.

Treatment cost will be discussed and can also be financed with our 0% interest scheme.


Cosmetic composite bonding is often performed afterwards, with or without prior tooth whitening.  

With these modern advances, many patients have avoided the need for multiple veneers or crowns. Often, treatment is completed without the need for any injections! That has to be good news!